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Successful Verdicts and Settlements

Trucking Accident

Injury and Resulting Death

$4,400,000.00 Verdict

Parking Lot (car) Accident

Injury with Surgery

$1,200,000.00 Settlement at Mediation

Medical Malpractice

Failure to Diagnose and Notify

$3,000,000.00 Settlement

Construction Accident

Pursued Workers Compensation and Liability Case Against Same Company

$2,000,000.00 Total Settlement

Swimming Accident

Wrongful Death

$447,000.00 Settlement at Mediation

Motorcycle Accident

Wrongful Death

Settled Above Policy Limits

Car Accident

Future Medical Proven

Policy Limit of $100,000.00 Settlement After Arbitration

Car Accident

Car Flipped Over

Policy Limit $100,000.00 Settlement

Car Accidents

Wrongful Death - Over 10 Matters Settled at Policy Limits Available

Injury – Over 80 Matters Settled at Policy Limits Available

Car Accident

Wrongful Death and Worker's Compensation

Settled at Limits, $500,000.00 plus Statutory limits WC Settlement

Slip and Fall on Ice and Snow

Ankle Injury

$120,000.00 Settlement

Trucking Accident

Truck Flipped Over

$410,000.00 Settlement

Car Accident

Spinal Injuries

$160,000.00 Verdict ($60,000.00 Over Limits and Insurance Paid Verdict)

Car Accident

Spinal Injuries

Settled at Limits of $250,000.00

Construction Accident

Leg Injury

Settled at $300,000.00 at Mediation

Trucking Accident

Head Trauma

Settled at $210,000.00

Motorcycle Accident

Multiple Traumas – Client Cited for Accident

Settled at Policy Limits of $500,000.00

Car Accident

Wrongful Death

Settled at Limits of Auto and Homeowner's Policy


Client, Admitted Shoplifter, Improperly Detained by Security with a Battery, Causing Fracture to Leg

Settled on Morning of Trial at $310,000.00

Car Accident

Shoulder SLAP tear

Settled at Mediation at $250,000.00

Dog Bite

Client, a Cleaning Person, Bitten by Owner's Dog

Settled at $410,000.00

Car Accident

Wrongful Death with Partial Fault

Settled at $475,000.00

Car Accident

Hip Injury with Surgery

Settled at $376,263.00 – Limits Exhausted with Other Claimants

Pedestrian Accident

Knee Injury with Surgery

Settled at $290,000.00

Parking Lot Accident

Minor Injuries with Little Treatment and Partial Fault

Settled at $1,000.00 - Case that Should not have Been Accepted – It Happens

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