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Lawyers for Injuries Sustained on Public Transportation in Cook County

Chicago is the third-largest city by population in the United States. As such, residents of the region rely heavily on various public transportation systems. Each day, hundreds of thousands of people make use of buses, trains, and other types of mass transportation. Public transportation, in the vast majority of situations, is a safe, convenient, and environmentally friendly way to get around, but accidents can happen on occasion. When they do, the best thing to do is to call a qualified personal injury lawyer right away so that you do not miss your chance to collect just compensation for your injuries. At Gruzmark Law, Ltd. , our team of experienced attorneys is equipped to handle a wide range of mass transit injuries, including those sustained in bus accidents.

CTA and Pace Bus Service

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) is the second-largest public transportation system in the nation. The CTA serves not only the city of Chicago itself but also nearly three dozen suburbs. With nearly 1,700 buses making some 19,000 trips per day, the CTA covers more than 1,350 miles of city streets and suburban roadways.

In addition to the CTA, the region is also served by Pace, the area's suburban bus system. Pace provides more than 30 million rides per year and covers an area that is larger than the state of Delaware. Interstate bus services like Megabus and Greyhound also provide affordable, efficient transportation options for residents of Northern Illinois.

Trusted Rolling Meadows Counsel for Bus Accident Injuries

When you ride a bus, you have the right to expect that your driver is qualified, trained, and equipped to operate the bus safely. As common carriers, bus operators are held to a high standard of care by Illinois law. This means that they have a duty to ensure the safety of every passenger who gets on the bus, as well as that of other motorists and pedestrians. A breach of that duty could result in liability on the part of the driver for any injuries sustained as a result.

The bus itself must also be in proper working condition. Buses are large, heavy vehicles that must be inspected and maintained to prevent mechanical failures that could lead to an accident. If you have been hurt in a bus accident, the lawyers at Gruzmark Law, Ltd. , will help you determine what caused the crash and which party or parties may be liable, including the driver, maintenance staff, or the organization that owns the bus.

In addition to handling cases involving bus crashes, our firm also helps victims who were injured in non-crash related incidents. For example, if you were riding a bus that made a sudden stop or skidded on an icy road, and you fell and were injured, the bus company could potentially be liable for your injuries.

School Bus Accident Attorneys

According to estimates from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, as many as 12,000 children suffer injuries in school bus accidents each year. Some are injured while riding the bus, some are hit by school buses while walking or riding a bicycle, and some get hurt while getting on or off the bus.

When a school bus accident is caused by driver negligence or mechanical failure of the bus, the driver and the school district may be liable. The district will have insurance coverage in the event of such an accident, but collecting damages is not always that easy. You may need to file a lawsuit in order to obtain compensation for your child's medical bills, pain and suffering and more. Our attorneys will advocate on your behalf with the insurance company, and we will provide the representation you need at trial if necessary, as well.

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