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When you have been hurt in a car accident caused by another driver, you have every reason to expect that the at-fault driver will assume responsibility for covering your medical bills and vehicle repairs. If your injuries are severe enough to keep you out of work, you might expect the other driver—typically through his or her insurance company—to reimburse you for your lost wages, as well as the other costs that can accumulate quickly following a motor vehicle crash. Illinois law requires drivers who use the state's public roadways to maintain liability insurance to provide coverage for such expenses, but many drivers do not carry the required coverage.

At Gruzmark Law, Ltd. , our experienced personal injury attorneys realize how frightening it is to discover that the driver who caused your crash does not have sufficient auto insurance to cover your damages. It is even worse to learn that the driver has no insurance whatsoever. If you have been injured in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver, our team is prepared to assist you in getting the reimbursement you need to move forward.

Uninsured and Underinsured Driver Crashes

All auto insurance companies that sell policies in Illinois are required to include "uninsured motorist coverage" as part of every policy sold. As of 2021, the minimum coverage amount is $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident, and drivers have the option to purchase higher coverage amounts. Drivers can also add "underinsured motorist coverage" to their policies as well. As the names of these coverages indicate, they are meant to provide protection for covered individuals who are involved in accidents caused by uninsured or underinsured drivers. A driver who has no auto insurance, obviously, is uninsured. An underinsured motorist, however, might very well have the amount of coverage required by law, but he or she is considered underinsured if his or her coverage is not enough to cover the losses related to a given accident.

Recovering compensation for injuries caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver is possible, but it is not always easy. If you have been injured in such an accident, it is your right to seek damages from the at-fault driver directly, but if he or she has not maintained adequate levels of insurance, your chances of recovering what you need to reimburse your losses are probably not good. Your remaining option is likely to be pursuing compensation from your own auto insurance carrier under your underinsured or uninsured coverage.

Skokie Lawyers Who Make a Difference

At Gruzmark Law, Ltd. , we have been helping injured accident victims since 1998. During that time, we have recovered millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for our clients, including many who were hurt by uninsured and underinsured drivers. We understand that auto insurance carriers are well-known for their efforts to reduce payouts and to minimize their financial exposure, even with their own paying customers.

Our lawyers know how to negotiate with insurance companies, both large and small, and we know what it takes to get results. Sometimes, an aggressive approach is needed, and we will not be intimidated or bullied into accepting an offer that fails to meet your short-term and long-term needs. We will do everything we can to ensure that your rights are fully protected, even if it means taking your case to trial.

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If you or a family member was hurt in an accident caused by a driver without sufficient insurance, contact the offices of Gruzmark Law, Ltd. , today. Call 847-729-7660 to schedule your free consultation and case review with our team today. Our lawyers serve injured clients in Cook County, Lake County, DuPage County, the North Shore, Glenview, Northbrook, Wheeling, Buffalo Grove, Evanston, Skokie, and the surrounding areas.

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