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After a Crash, Should I Speak with the Insurance Company Before Speaking with a Car Accident Lawyer?

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IL injury lawyerAfter a car accident, one of the most crucial questions is whether to speak to the insurance company before or after hiring a personal injury attorney. While many assume they should hire an attorney only if the insurance company denies their claim, it is worth speaking with an attorney from the beginning, even before contacting your insurance company. Here is why.

Why it is Better to Speak with an Attorney Before Speaking with the Insurance Company

Here are some reasons why you should engage the services of a personal injury attorney:

  • The insurance company’s objectives are not aligned with yours – An insurance company represents its policyholder, not the sufferer of an accident. The insurer may try to minimize its liability, leading to a low settlement offer or even a denied claim. It is vital to have an attorney to ensure they can negotiate and protect your interests.
  • Hiring an attorney helps protect your rights – By law, sufferers of accidents have rights, and an attorney can help you understand what exactly those rights are. Insurance companies may try to persuade you to waive your rights to a fair settlement, but an experienced attorney can advise you on the potential pitfalls of any agreement with the insurer.
  • An attorney can investigate further – Investigating the cause of an accident is very important. Your attorney will examine police reports, medical records, and more. By providing a knowledgeable perspective on your claim, your attorney can advocate more effectively for you.
  • Time constraints – Securing the services of a personal injury lawyer soon after a car accident may optimize your chances of obtaining maximum compensation, as it is very important to meet case deadlines while also preserving as much evidence as you can. The quicker the attorney commences the process of pursuing a claim on your behalf, the higher the level of protection afforded by securing advice from a legal professional.
  • Best interests – By revealing certain information or agreeing to certain actions with the insurance company, the injured party may unknowingly jeopardize their chance of obtaining a favorable settlement. Your attorney will help ensure that you are able to make educated and well-informed decisions that support your best interests.

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