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Glenview IL bus accident lawyerPublic transportation is often convenient, affordable, and safe. Passengers who use public transit rely on the drivers’ training and qualifications to get them safely from Point A to Point B. When this expectation is not met, it can lead to serious injuries. In the event that a bus accident does occur, an injured passenger may seek compensation from the negligent parties.

What Are The Common Causes of Illinois Bus Accidents?

When referencing a bus accident, some people may automatically think of a school bus. However, there are several modes of transportation that may be involved in bus accidents, including CTA and PACE buses, private bus lines, airport shuttles, and tour buses.

Fatigue, busy schedules, and overloaded buses are some of the leading causes for bus driver negligence. Additionally, any distractions, drug or alcohol use, and reckless driving can also point to the bus driver being liable for an accident. The bus company could also be found negligent if, for example, the bus is poorly maintained, the seats were improperly installed, or there was an equipment malfunction. Similar to typical car accidents, in order to recover compensation in Illinois, the injured passenger must prove negligence.

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