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Dangers of Delayed Accident Injury Symptoms

 Posted on April 22, 2022 in Uncategorized

glenview injury lawyerWhen an accident victim has suffered an injury, they may not realize that they have been injured. This is because there are many types of injuries that do not present symptoms right away. These injuries can take days, or even weeks, before symptoms began to appear and the victim realizes something is wrong. These delayed symptom injuries can occur in vehicle crashes, slip and fall incidents, or any other type of accidents.

Dealing with Delayed Symptoms

Delayed symptoms are one reason why personal injury attorneys recommend that victims do not settle with their claims with insurance companies right away. It is also why insurance companies do try to get victims to settle quickly. Once you have accepted a settlement, your accident claim is closed, even if it turns out you have suffered a serious injury.

Since there is always a risk in any kind of accidents that injury symptoms may be delayed, it is always recommended that victims get checked out by a medical professional following any kind of incident, even if they do not believe they have been hurt.

The following are some of the delayed symptoms a victim can develop that could indicate an injury.

  • Headaches - If a victim suddenly begins suffering from headaches, especially when there has been a lapse of time between the accident and when the headaches start, it can indicate a serious medical issue, including brain injury, blood clot, concussion, or neck injury. Any type of personality change, physical ability, or mental functions can also indicate a brain injury.

  • Neck pain -When days go by and suddenly a victim begins suffering from neck pain, it could be an indicator that they have sustained a whiplash injury in the accident. Delayed shoulder pain and stiffness can also indicate whiplash. Many people think that whiplash is a minor injury, but the truth is if a whiplash injury is ignored, it can turn into a more serious issue.

  • Back pain - There are many potential injuries to the back that can occur when a victim has been involved in some type of accident. There may have been damage done to ligaments, muscles, or nerves of the back. Injuries to the vertebrae or the discs between the vertebrae are also common. Any time an accident victim begins to develop back pain after an accident, they should seek medical attention immediately.

  • Numbness in limbs - If a victim begins to feel numbness in their limbs, this could indicate an injury to the spine. Numbness in the hands and arms could also indicate whiplash.

  • Abdomen pain or swelling - One of the most dangerous – and silent – injuries are those that are suffered internally. Symptoms of internal bleeding do not show up right away and when they finally do the victim can be in danger. Any type of pain or swelling in this area should be checked out right away.

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