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How Do I Recover Compensation for Bus Accident Injuries in Illinois?

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Glenview IL bus accident lawyerPublic transportation is often convenient, affordable, and safe. Passengers who use public transit rely on the drivers’ training and qualifications to get them safely from Point A to Point B. When this expectation is not met, it can lead to serious injuries. In the event that a bus accident does occur, an injured passenger may seek compensation from the negligent parties.

What Are The Common Causes of Illinois Bus Accidents?

When referencing a bus accident, some people may automatically think of a school bus. However, there are several modes of transportation that may be involved in bus accidents, including CTA and PACE buses, private bus lines, airport shuttles, and tour buses.

Fatigue, busy schedules, and overloaded buses are some of the leading causes for bus driver negligence. Additionally, any distractions, drug or alcohol use, and reckless driving can also point to the bus driver being liable for an accident. The bus company could also be found negligent if, for example, the bus is poorly maintained, the seats were improperly installed, or there was an equipment malfunction. Similar to typical car accidents, in order to recover compensation in Illinois, the injured passenger must prove negligence.

Who is Liable in an Illinois Bus Accident?

In general, to prove that a driver was at fault for a car accident, an injury victim must demonstrate that the driver failed to use a reasonable degree of care and that this breach of care resulted in the victim’s injury. However, bus drivers are often held to a higher standard due to their status as “common carriers” in the state of Illinois. While a typical driver is obligated to use the road with reasonable care, a common carrier must use the highest degree of care while operating their vehicle. Common carriers can be held responsible for injuries resulting from intentional or negligent acts of the bus company’s employees, as well as injuries caused by assault or abuse by other passengers or third parties.

It is important to note that buses can be either privately-owned or government-owned. Private bus lines include companies such as Coach and Greyhound. In accidents involving privately owned buses, an injured passenger can sue the driver and the company within two years of the accident. On the other hand, public transportation buses such as those operated by CTA are government-owned. If an injured passenger is seeking compensation against the negligent bus driver or owner, they would likely have to pursue a claim against the government. There are multiple steps that are required of the passenger in order to do so, including giving notice to the Attorney General and the Clerk of the Court of Claims. Each step has strict timelines, and it is highly recommended that any injured passenger connects with a personal injury attorney who is familiar with these requirements in order to have the best chance of recovering damages.

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When you are a passenger on a privately or publicly owned bus, you are entrusting your safety to another driver. Buses are highly regulated vehicles; however, accidents do still happen, and the resulting injuries can be devastating. Our Northbrook personal injury attorneys are equipped with the experience and knowledge it takes to pursue an injury claim against a bus driver and their employer, whether that is a private bus company or the government. Call 847-729-7660 today to get in touch with Gruzmark Law, Ltd., schedule a free consultation, and get started on your personal injury claim.





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