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Taking Legal Action After a Fall Accident Involving an Elderly Individual

 Posted on September 10, 2022 in Personal Injury

Glenview personal injury lawyerWhen young children are learning to walk, they fall down constantly. Usually, these falls result in little more than a bump or bruise. Unfortunately, as we age, our bodies become less resilient and the dangers of falling increase substantially. Elderly people who fall may suffer from hip fractures and other broken bones, concussions, spine injuries, or other severe injuries. Fall-related injuries often have a profound impact on an elderly person's life, both physically and psychologically. The CDC reports that many people who fall become afraid of falling again, which prompts them to become less active and avoid enjoyable activities. This reduces strength and balance and increases the chances of falling again. If you have an elderly loved one who has been injured in a fall, you may be able to take legal action against the party responsible for his or her fall injuries.

Liability for Fall Accidents

In order to successfully bring a personal injury lawsuit against another party, you will need to prove that they were negligent in some way. For example, if your loved one was injured in a fall at a grocery store, you may be able to prove that the store was negligent in failing to clean up a spill in a timely manner or failing to put up a "wet floor" sign. If your loved one was injured in a fall at a nursing home, you may be able to prove that the nursing home was negligent in failing to properly monitor your loved one or provide him or her with the necessary assistance.

Liability often comes down to the foreseeability of an accident.  If a reasonable person in the defendant's position should have known that there was a danger of someone falling and being injured, then the defendant may be held liable.

Proving Negligence

Proving that the other party was negligent can be tricky. You will likely need the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney to investigate the circumstances of the fall and help you build a strong case. Your attorney will likely review medical records, witness statements, any available surveillance footage, and other evidence to piece together what happened and identify the negligent party.

Compensation for Fall Injuries

If you are successful in proving that another party was negligent in causing your loved one's fall injuries, you may be entitled to compensation for his or her medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more.

Get Help from an Experienced Glenview Personal Injury Attorney

If your elderly loved one has been injured in a fall, contact Gruzmark Law, Ltd. to learn more about taking legal action against the liable party.  Our knowledgeable team of North Shore personal injury lawyers has helped injured people and their families for over twenty years. Call us today at 847-729-7660 and set up a free, no-obligation consultation. 



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