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Truck Accidents and Hours of Service Violations

 Posted on May 27, 2024 in Truck Accidents

IL injury lawyerMany jobs require special training and know-how. This is important for ensuring everyone’s safety, especially if the job requires the operation of heavy machinery. One example is being a truck driver, since trucks are so large and powerful and any mistakes on the road could have tragic consequences. Without proper care and attention to safety regulations, a truck driver could be responsible for property damage, severe injury, and even wrongful death.

One regulation that truck drivers need to abide by is referred to as hours of service, and it relates to the maximum number of hours a driver can drive consecutively before a required break. The purpose of this rule is to ensure that truck drivers are not too tired to drive safely because fatigued driving with such a heavy load can be extremely dangerous. If you were injured in a truck accident and you suspect there may have been an hours of service violation involved, speak with an experienced Northbrook, IL truck accident lawyer to understand your options.

Why Are Hours of Service Regulations Important?

Three main groups of people are affected by hours of service regulations:

  • Truck drivers: Ordinarily a driver might want to prove to their employer that they are dedicated to their job by working overtime and getting cargo delivered quicker than expected. Unfortunately, that can make them drive when they are too tired to do so safely.  With federal regulations in place to limit the number of hours a truck driver can drive consecutively, drivers are not only motivated to monitor their work hours to make sure they are not in violation, but they also feel it is legitimate to tell their employers they need breaks so as not to incur fines. 
  • Truckers’ employers: Employers are often motivated by the bottom line: How much income can be brought in per work hour? The equation is changed when they consider the fines and other consequences they might face by forcing drivers to work too much. This adds incentive to safer practices.
  • Everyone on the road: With truck drivers and their employers incentivized to ensure that they are not encouraging fatigued driving, everyone else on the road is much safer.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Cook County, IL Truck Accident Attorney

If you are suffering injuries and other damages following a collision with a truck, make sure to speak with a reliable Glenview, IL personal injury lawyer. At Gruzmark Law, Ltd., we know what to ask and where to look to find evidence of hours of service violations, which could significantly impact your compensation. Call us at [[phopne]] so we can review your case and guide you forward.

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