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What Evidence Do You Need for a Premise Liability Claim?

 Posted on December 15, 2023 in Premises Liability

IL injury lawyerPremise liability laws in Illinois allow you to hold property owners accountable if injuries occur from unsafe conditions under their control. However, winning potential compensation for a premise liability claim requires showing adequate supporting evidence. Determine what details properly document the incident scene, defect or hazard, and resulting harms when beginning your case investigation and gathering critical proof. An Illinois personal injury lawyer can help build a case with the proper evidence.

Capture Images Documenting the Hazard Itself

Thorough visual documentation forms a foundation proving the dangerous property flaw actually existed as described. Take photos of wet floors, broken stairs, inadequate lighting or security, or similar. This objectively establishes the defect or hazard contributing to accidents onsite. Dated images provide further proof of the property owner’s responsibility in allowing the ongoing, known, unsafe situation. Most smartphones now will automatically have a timestamp on the images.

Photos of Injuries if Possible

Any sustained injuries like cuts, bruises, or other trauma with photo proof can also help. Demonstrate the concrete damage done when defendants failed proper hazard control and shopper protections. Photos should reveal visible wounds and any persisting mobility or functional impairments from the accident.

On-Scene Witness Statements Can Help Prove What Occurred

The best evidence originates right when incidents happen through eyewitness statements. The statements from those nearby when falls or other accidents occur give your case third-party credibility regarding what happened. Get contact details of willing shoppers or staff who saw what led to your injury. Their future testimonies can testify to the events that align with your claim.

Official Incident Reports Can Help

Request an official incident report from attending EMTs or police documenting emergency response and details gathered on-scene. These reports formally state who got harmed, plus documenting bystander statements on causes as perceived initially. Over time, memories fade, so capturing early insight can be invaluable.

Contact a Glenview, IL Personal Injury Attorney

Whether you are up against a property owner, a store, or another entity, you deserve to have legal representation on your side. Some cases can be challenging to deal with on your own. It is worthwhile to have a Northbrook, IL personal injury lawyer on your side through the entire process so you know what to do. Call Gruzmark Law, Ltd. at 847-729-7660 for a free consultation to discuss what your next step should be, depending on the unique circumstances of your scenario.

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