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Why Do Hit and Run Drivers Flee?

 Posted on November 10, 2021 in Car Accidents

IL injury lawyerFew things in life are more frustrating than being the victim in a hit-and-run car crash. You are left on the side of the road, injured, and unsure how you are going to recover compensation. Lawyers and police officers have ways of tracking down hit and run drivers - it is more likely than you may think that they will ultimately be caught. No reason is a good enough reason for fleeing the scene of an accident you caused, but there are a handful of very common excuses drivers give to explain their criminal behavior.

If you were hurt by a hit-and-run driver, it is extremely important that you file a police report and then promptly contact an attorney. The sooner an investigation can begin, the more likely it is that the other driver will be caught and you will recover damages from him.

For What Reasons Do Drivers Flee Accident Scenes?

To the surprise of few, most of the reasons why drivers run away after causing a crash involve some kind of illegal activity. Drivers who were generally following the law but made a mistake typically stop. Drivers who were already doing something illegal when they caused the crash are more likely to take off. Here are a few common reasons the driver who just hit you may keep going:

  • No license - People who are driving without a license, or with a revoked or suspended license may hesitate to stop.
  • Driving intoxicated - Drunk or drug-impaired drivers may fear getting a DUI if they pull over and wait for police after a crash.
  • Contraband in the car - If the car contains drugs, guns, or other contraband, the driver may keep going after an accident and attempt to discard their illegal possessions quickly.
  • No insurance - Some drivers may see no point in stopping to exchange insurance information if they do not have any insurance.
  • Stolen vehicle - The driver of a stolen vehicle who causes an accident is likely to drive out of sight before abandoning the stolen car and fleeing from that too.
  • Warrants - If the driver or any of his passengers have warrants, being charged for the accident or getting sued may be the least of their worries. Vehicles operated by wanted individuals are unlikely to stop in a lawful manner after a crash to wait for the police.

Whatever the other driver’s reason for fleeing the scene, you are still likely entitled to receive compensation from him when he can be located. The sooner an investigation starts, the more likely it is to succeed.

Call a North Shore Car Accidents Lawyer

If you were injured by a hit and run driver, Gruzmark Law, Ltd. may be able to help you identify the other driver and file a claim. Our Glenview car accidents attorneys are experienced in investigating auto accidents and recovering compensation for our clients, whether the negligent driver decided to stop and cooperate or not. Call us at 847-729-7660 to schedule a free consultation.




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