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shutterstock_1144538219.jpgLosing a family member is always heartbreaking, even when that loss was expected, such as old age or a terminal illness. But when their death was caused by the negligent action or behavior of someone else, families are often left devastated by the suddenness and shock of it all. Not only are families left with the emotional devastation, but the victim’s death can also cause financial hardship, especially if he or she was the primary breadwinner for the family. In these types of tragedies, the family may be able to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against those parties who are deemed legally liable for the victim’s death.

What Is a Wrongful Death?

According to Illinois law, wrongful death is defined as one that is caused “by wrongful act, neglect or default.” One way to understand what would constitute a wrongful death is that under the same circumstances, had the victim lived, they would have been able to pursue a personal injury claim or lawsuit against the party or parties that caused the accident that resulted in their injuries.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim?

The law states that there are only certain survivors of the victim that may pursue a wrongful death action. These include:


IL injury lawyerBus accidents have the potential to be very dangerous and injure a lot of people at once. Passengers inside typically lack seatbelts and are vulnerable to being thrown during a crash. Those who were standing on a crowded bus are in particular danger of being seriously injured. Personal vehicles do not stand a chance in a collision with a heavy bus, which puts others on the road at extreme risk when the bus does not operate safely. The responsibility of a bus driver to drive safely is crucial because bus accidents can be so devastating.

Unfortunately, not every driver or every bus company takes that duty seriously enough. If you were hurt in a bus accident, it is important that you speak with an attorney as soon as you can so he can begin preserving evidence right away.

What Careless Practices Lead to Bus Crashes?

Buses are not easy vehicles to drive. They are large, cumbersome, and make wide turns. It can be difficult to see well at all times. Driving a bus safely requires focus and proper training. The bus company is also responsible for performing routine inspections and maintenance to ensure that a vehicular failure will not cause a wreck. Common reasons bus crashes may happen anyway include:


IL injury lawyerFew things in life are nearly as painful as losing a loved one. No matter what the circumstances, the loss of a close family member has a devastating impact on your life. When your loved one was killed because someone else acted tortiously, the pain of the loss can be magnified. No settlement will bring back your family member or fully repair the damage that has been done, but a financial award can reduce the harm your family will face. Courts do the best they can to total the monetary losses associated with a wrongful death and to compensate the decedent’s family as fully as possible. An attorney can help you determine what financial hardships you may be eligible to receive compensation for.

What Will a Wrongful Death Award Pay For?

There are a lot of costs associated with a death in the family. Besides the funeral and medical expenses, you are likely going to be impacted by the loss of your relative’s income and support. In a wrongful death action, you could be compensated for:

  • End-of-life costs - Costs associated with holding a funeral and burial or cremation, as well as charges for any medical treatment your family member may have received before passing away are compensable in a wrongful death action. Any pain and suffering your relative was forced to endure before death can also be accounted for.
  • Lost income - If your loved one was the primary breadwinner or you relied on their earnings, you may be able to recover monies to make up for lost income.
  • Emotional distress - Your own pain and suffering over losing your family member in this way is probably significant and you may need counseling to treat your emotional injuries. If you were near your relative when the fatal injury happened and suffered serious mental trauma as a result, the amount of emotional damages you can receive may be higher.
  • Parental guidance - The guidance and moral support a child receives from their parent is impossible to assign a monetary value to because no number would be sufficient. However, when a child wrongfully loses a parent, courts will try to make the child whole again in the only way it can.
  • Punitive damages - In some cases, the court will feel that the defendant’s conduct was so egregious that he should be punished for it on top of paying reasonable compensation to your family.

Adding up the damages can be overwhelming. An attorney will be able to help you calculate the amount you should ask for in court.


Glenview IL bus accident lawyerPublic transportation is often convenient, affordable, and safe. Passengers who use public transit rely on the drivers’ training and qualifications to get them safely from Point A to Point B. When this expectation is not met, it can lead to serious injuries. In the event that a bus accident does occur, an injured passenger may seek compensation from the negligent parties.

What Are The Common Causes of Illinois Bus Accidents?

When referencing a bus accident, some people may automatically think of a school bus. However, there are several modes of transportation that may be involved in bus accidents, including CTA and PACE buses, private bus lines, airport shuttles, and tour buses.

Fatigue, busy schedules, and overloaded buses are some of the leading causes for bus driver negligence. Additionally, any distractions, drug or alcohol use, and reckless driving can also point to the bus driver being liable for an accident. The bus company could also be found negligent if, for example, the bus is poorly maintained, the seats were improperly installed, or there was an equipment malfunction. Similar to typical car accidents, in order to recover compensation in Illinois, the injured passenger must prove negligence.

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